Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tourism Helps - Japan Earthquake Relief

                                       Credit: Sendai Tourism and Convention Bureau

Tourism helps in many ways, from personal enrichment to area economy to cross-cultural understanding. Most importantly, tourism allow us to build friendship and spread love in person.

At a sad moment like this in Japan, tourism allows us travelers, whether past or future visitors, to think about what the country and the people were like before and what is going to happen in the future. When you look at the devastating photos, think about what you can help - this is a moment where we should contribute what we can to help restore it's past and build a better tomorrow.

We encourage you to help. Following is an article with a list of charities accepting donations for Japan's Earthquake Relief.

To appreciate your help, EAST Tours will send you a complimentary DVD or language learning CD to those who donated $50 to any of the organization. Simply scan/ email us a copy of your receipt to: - We will respond with a choice of gifts available for your choice and further instructions.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Preview the Future! World Expo 2010

World Expo is a very familiar name while not many really know exactly what it is. To make it simple, World Expo is a grand gathering and celebration of different cultures from across the world and this event first started in 1851 and rotate the location among countries every few years.

This year, World Expo will take place in Shanghai China from May 1st to October 31st with a center theme: "Better City, Better Life". Future urban design, sustainable development are some of the important subjects to be addressed.

While what makes World Expo so exciting is the opportunity to “preview our future”. More than 264 participating countries will use their most talented teams to create a blueprint to build a “prototype kingdom” – an onsite Pavilion to showcase their ideas about what their ideal land will be in the years to come.

As you can imagine, the fanciest technology, the best preserved cultural practices, the smartest economic models and whatever makes city life charming and enjoyable will be presented at the Fair.

Although this is not a competition, it is hard not to try every single efforts, as the whole world is watching and comparing. Hence why people believe this will create a magical architecture wonder.

So what happens after October 31st? Well, as in James Bond movies, top secrets must be destroyed immediately. Hence other than "One axis and four pavilions", everything will be torn down to preserve each nation’s top intellectual property assets. This “Tomorrow land” will only have 5 months life cycle. So unless you can invent a time machine, the best way to play fortune teller is to visit the Expo!

What if you can’t physically go to Shanghai? Well, the beauty of technology leaves us no worries and the future has everything planned out! Check out World Expo’s Virtual Fair online at: there’s detailed audio guide, interactive forums, and when the expo officially opens, there will be daily entertainment and live broadcasting! Our future, looks truly bright! Be sure to witness this magical future event that will soon become part of the history! - By Michelle Lin